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[1]   Professional Service Group

Statewide NJ offices list

Cherry Hill  
New Brunswick  
Mercer County  
West Caldwell  








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[2]  Professional Service Group

Dover NJ office

The Professional Services Group (PSG) is sponsored by the state of New Jersey, Department of Labor. It is a self-help group where members help each other find jobs.  Colleagues work together to help each other by matching our resources with jobs from our network of Employers in the metropolitan area.  Whether you are an employer or someone seeking a job, PSG provides a valuable FREE resource for you to use.

The NJ Department of Labor provides the following for the use of PSG Active Members:


Free office workspace


Free use of telephone and fax machine


Free use of a Pentium PC
(Windows 95, MS Office)


Periodic mailings of your mini-resume to 1,500 area employers.


Workshops in job-hunting skills


Weekly speakers offering insight into the search process


Telemarketing to local employers to uncover job leads


Network opportunities


Automatic mailing of your resume to key job matches

bulletSupport and understanding
bulletCoping & Orientation   (Must be the first Class!)   
bulletAn overview of PSG and how it works
bulletHow to Cope with Job Loss
bulletAn introduction to the Job Search Process
bulletResume Development      
bulletInstruction for developing an interview-getting resume
bulletPeer critique of your resume
bulletNetworking Skills      
bulletReviews the skills to help you develop and take advantage of contacts in the workplace and within PSG.
bulletInterview Techniques      
bulletAn outstanding workshop that gives you an agenda and methodology to manage an interview and present your background that fosters a favorable outcome A job offer.
bulletA proven, proprietary PSG 4 x 4 Interviewing tool is taught and practiced here.   This tool has helped many alums get offers at the end of their job interviews.
bulletMock Interviews   (Prerequisite: Interview Techniques)  
bulletHelps you put into practice the skills covered in the Interview Techniques Workshop.
bulletSurvive the PSG Mock Interview, and your confidence level will zoom.
bulletOpportunity Center      
bulletCovers telemarketing skills, procedures and forms for making the most effective use of your volunteer time in the Opportunity Center.  Here is a place where you can practice and hone your newly learned skills to benefit all.









[3]  Professional Service Group

New Brunswick, NJ office
Volunteer, self-help job-seekers group sponsored by the state of New Jersey for unemployed professionals; participants must be actively seeking a job, register with the employment service and volunteer four hours a week at the PSG office; services available to members include telephone and fax to New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia, Internet access, and use of photocopier and research materials

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  bd14565_.gif (852 bytes)  Join PSG
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Networking Seminar
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Phone Techniques Practice
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Resume Writing Workshop
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Interviewing Skills
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Free Computer Training
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List Resumes
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Job Leads
  bd14565_.gif (852 bytes) 
Employer Listing
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Job Search Equipment


[4]  Professional Service Group

Atlantic County, NJ


[5]  Job Hunters Resource Guide

Other Job Clubs listed on NJ DOL's web site



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